Dramatic Charcoal Drawings of the Skies


Untitled (#June08) HilaryBrace3 HilaryBrace4 HilaryBrace6 HilaryBrace9

American artist Hilary Brace draws dramatic scenes in black and white using only charcoal. Created on small, postcard-sized canvases, the images have a photographic quality to them which allows viewers to instantly associate the places with realistic images of cloud-filled skies.

Brace is known for a particular style of drawing where she covers a canvas with charcoal and then erases into the black dust to produce her cloudy formations. When the artist begins a piece, she does so without an exact plan and so the concepts emerge through a process of growing and expanding. She says, “When I compose an image I work without premeditation, beginning with only a vague suggestion, so the places I make often surprise me as they unfold in a series of unanticipated discoveries.”

(via faithistorment)


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