Shrinking monuments in traveler’s glass


Traveler’s Cup is a series of digital pigment prints by Colorado-based artist Joo Yeon Woo that features symbolic representations of cultural displacement. By shrinking monuments and architectural landmarks, making them compact enough to fit into a cup, Woo explores the idea of disconnection from culture and origins. Whether it’s through physical relocation or simply via the digital era we live in, where much of the world is seen on a screen, it’s all far from the actual source.

The artist uses her own experiences as the base for most of her projects. In this case, she presents the different areas of the world she’s resided in, having to personally re-identify the term “home” on several occasions. She says, “As a culturally displaced artist, I have been drawn to the theme of cultural displacement and identity, and to social psychological and cross-cultural studies that are heavily influenced by immigrant experiences and by the interaction between people and spaceā€¦ My most recent projects have adopted a documentary approach and artistic archives to present my experiences of dislocation and rootlessness in our contemporary nomadic culture.”

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