Incredible Macro Photographs of Frozen Textured Flowers


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Photographer Mo Devlin photographs flowers by first freezing his buds and then setting them against abstract backdrops before taking up-close photographs of the beautiful flowers. Using a macro lens, Devlin captures intriguing light, texture, and unexpected details within the dramatic colors and shapes set in ice. He discovered that during the freezing process water compresses each flower and squeezes out bubbles of oxygen from the petals. As the block further solidifies, the ice pushes the bubbles away from the center which results in lovely icy trails around the flowers.

Devlin enjoys the ‘luck of the draw’ when seeing how the flowers fair after the freezing processes almost as much as the final photographs and he says, “I know that I have become somewhat obsessed with my frozen posies because when I bring flowers home, my wife asks, ‘Are those for me or the freezer?'”

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