A Map of the World Revealing Each Country’s Most Visited Website


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It’s a Google Earth after all. According to a new map showing each country’s most visited websites. 62 countries have Google as their most visited website with Facebook coming in first for 50 other countries. It was already common knowledge that Google and Facebook dominated in most countries but the map also shows more about our global browsing habits, for example, Yahoo is surprisingly popular in Japan.

The maps were created by Information Geographies, the Oxford Internet Institute’s site for visualizing data about the web, the Age of Internet Empires style map shows a challenge to the Google/Facebook dominance by Baidu – the search engine in China. You cna find this data visualized in two formats: a Ages of Empires inspired map and  and one from the 2011 Information Geographies project Internet Population and Penetration. The data is primarily taken from Alexa.com. If you think you can take on the might of the Google/Facebook empires you can start by creating a website with 1&1 mywebsite.


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