Student Converts School Bus into Mobile Home and Drives Around Country


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Photograph by Justin Evidon |

For his final project, graduate architecture student Hank Butitta bought an old school bus on Craigslist for $3,000. 15 weeks and $6,000 of improvements later, Hank and his two friends were ready to embark on a 5,000 mile (8,046 km) journey across the United States.

The 225 sq. ft mobile home features reclaimed gym flooring and dimmable LED lighting. Using the 28 inch wide windows as a modular guide (the aisle is also 28 in. wide), the bus is divided into four primary zones: bathroom, kitchen, seating, and sleeping. The space can be configured in a variety of combinations, depending on need.

At 10 miles per gallon, the school bus is not the most efficient vehicle, but it’s an unforgettable way to travel and one that is sure to bring Hank and the team experiences for a lifetime. Below you will find images of the bus and additional information on the design.

For more details visit where you can track their journey.

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