3D illustrations by Nagai Hideyuki


nagaihideyuki3dillustrations1 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations2 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations4 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations5 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations8 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations9 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations10 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations11 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations14 nagaihideyuki3dillustrations15

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki is a master fine art illusion illustrator. Nagai has added to his collection of 3D drawings with some new clever illustrations. The 3D illustration specialist manages to produce anamorphic illusions across flat surfaces, often by lining up two sketchbooks perpendicular to one another.

You can see more of the 22 year old’s three-dimensional drawings at his deviantart page.


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